«Ossaba’s works are composed of mythological figures and elements in dialogue with each other. His approach has “transcultural” sources: Christian and Jewish iconography, Amerindian and European cultures. The influences are multiple, as are the techniques and materials used (variety of media, canvas, glass, cardboard, wood, etc.)

 A «dreamlike» narrative issues from these series with evocative titles. Ossaba conjures up the world of the invisible and introduces a climate of spirituality and magic into our daily living. The symbolic dualities that define life, along with a quantity of cultural references structure his rich and complex imaginary, proposing a universal vision.

Citizen of the world, from his numerous voyages emerge atmosphere, images, parfumes... There is no tabu material for him: he integrates recycled objects, giving this new life to his compositions, a life made of movement, a balance that is often playful. Ossaba affirms that the concept of creation behind his works is organised around volumes, lights and shadows that he developes according to central themes. His search is carried out by way of the amplitude of forms of light and color.

Ossaba’s work escapes style, but the polymorphic figures of multiple faces present opposing forces that conflict or agree at the interior of each of his paintings of mythological if not fastastic appearances. He perceives the variety of simultaneous information (emotions and human problems of all sorts) presented to him by the exterior world; the artist incorporates them and returns them to us, contemptuous of time and space in order to render composite pictures, captured and recomposed by a «crazy sensitivity» that pushes creativity beyond the limit.»

Pía del PINO