Chronology: 1946 - 1980

Born in Medellin, Colombia

Wins first place at a children’s painting competition at the Public Pilot Library in Medellin.

Exhibits his work for the first time at the Institute of Popular Culture of Medellin. Participates in a collective show at the Colombo-
American Institute of Medellin.

Takes part in exhibitions at The Salon of University Students’ Art, and The Salon of Antioquia’s Painters in Medellin.

Travels to Bogota to present a one-man show at the Colombo-American Institute.
Selected for the Salon of Young Art at the Zea Museum in Medellin.

nvited to exhibit his work, individually, at the University of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Colombian consulate in Panama organizes an exhibition of his work.
Return to Ecuador to participate in the exposition « Four Colombian Painters».

Selected to participate in the 18th National Salon of Colombian Artists.
Inauguration of the First Salon of Visual Art in Bogota, his work is selected for exhibition.

Takes part again in the exhibition of The National Salon of Visual Art in Bogota.
Meets Haydée Santamaria, Director of the House of the Americas of Cuba, who organizes an exhibit of his series « Los Descarados». in Havana.
Participates in the XIth Salon of Young Art at the Zea Museum of Medellin.
Invited to exhibit at the Salon of Visual Art in Bogota   

Travels to Spain where gallerist Juana Mordó organizes an exhibit of his work at the Altex Gallery in Madrid.

Visits the Prado Museum and writes to a friend his impressions: «Spain land of painters. The Prado, museum of many flavors: Velázquez, El Bosco, Zurbaran, Goya and many other dreams and tremors»1946